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Elevate yourself and your team by delegating more.

The assumption, more than any other, that limits business owners and executives is that by delegating you’ll lose control. Instead, delegating enables you to…

Time etc vs Traditional Hiring?

When considering the options, it becomes clear that traditional hiring poses challenges in terms of time, resources, and expenses. In contrast, Time etc emerges as a solution that not only offers flexibility but also proves to be cost-effective, making it the superior choice in this comparison.

Other remote assistant services

Other remote assistant services

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It's impossible to know what freedom feels like until you're living it. Anke has made possible what I couldn't have imagined.
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My prior assistant - who worked in my office and who I hired myself without Helm - lost my trust and the trust of my team. I was hesitant to delegate sensitive tasks ever again. But I gave Helm a chance and they have changed the game for our company.
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Accountability throughout our organization had been missing, and the buck stops with me. Thanks to a single hire and someone follow up on all of the open loops, we're in a different world now!
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My only regret is that I didn't do this much sooner. Everyone who runs a business should have an admin assistant!
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When I tell my friends about Marie (my EA), they're jealous about what she brings. She's been trained by Helm on how to build a dashboard and manage our metrics, how to document our vision and a whole bunch more.
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After 3 years of heavy investment in our product, our startup was ready to scale sales quickly. Helm armed us with 5 exceptional inside salespeople to grow and qualify our leads - remarkable and consistent quality!!
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Our business has gone through lots of growing pains. At some point, it was time for me to buy my sanity with a project manager. But what I got was more than just my sanity, I got a world class operations manager.
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I loved our first remote virtual assistant so much I hired a 2nd one. They started out in support but within 1 year, each was managing different regions for our international operation.
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Marketing was a bit of a black box for us until Allan cracked the code on SEO. While we hired him for support, he turned our Marketing around in many ways. WOW!!
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Before we reached out to Helm, we were tapping into a fraction of the power of Salesforce. With the salesforce administration and customizations that Otensia has brought, our company has finally stepped into its potential with Salesforce and it continues to push the envelope.
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There was life before Helm and life after Helm. My rockstar EA, who happens to be the former national debate champion, helped me delegate my email inbox management… life-changing.
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I don't know how Helm brings the chemistry of a master matchmaker but they have placed 7 people with our team and it has enabled a whole new world of opportunity in marketing and customer service.
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Social media marketing was a box to check for us. With the help of the social media manage Helm introduced us to, Jacquie, we’ve discovered an entirely new horizon of possibilities. We’ve grown our brand and significantly grown our sales and we’re early into our journey.
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Coming from Google, I'm accustomed to a certain standard. I've been incredibly, pleasantly surprised with the two staff members Helm has brought to our team. Both started in support and in short order demonstrated leadership potential. We’re fast tracking their development and I couldn't speak highly enough about the magic Helm does.
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I've been in business 30 years with nice incremental but inconsistent growth. When Helm started doing sales development for us, it shifted us to an entirely different growth trajectory. We hired multiple staff, everyone KICK-A**.
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Our company worked with Helm's coaching company for years and it changed the game for us. Now, the staffing operation is doing the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions are often about the unknown unknowns – that is the stuff you’re not thinking to ask but you really need to know. While some common questions are just over here on the right, let’s hop on a call and get you the knowledge you really need!


Helm’s remote assistants are hungry, humble and highly intelligent professionals and support you and your team in virtually any function. They work in your time zone and integrate with your team as deeply as you would like. Many of our client partners, within four months of hiring, say their remote assistant is as much a part of the team as the other people in their company.

A remote assistant is often life-changing since they bring you freedom in work and out. Are your company, your department, or you hitting the ceiling and trying to figure out how to break through? The constraint is often bandwidth or capabilities. Hiring a remote assistant brings you both.

In times of change, remote assistants make it easier to grow or contract your team with agility.

Rates of remote workers are often between 25% and 50% of what you would pay in the US. The challenge, however, of a remote assistant comes into play for companies unable to hold remote meetings. Otherwise, the challenges are similar to those with a physically present team member.
The rigor Helm applies to your search goes far beyond that of any other staffing company.

We bring a deep background in organizational development and helping companies build organizational health. For decades, Helm’s founder has helped other business owners scale their business and attract exceptional talent. Companies cannot do this if they don’t themselves possess great talent. We have helped business owners make key hiring and firing decisions that have paved the way for the growth that followed.

You’ll receive guidance from us on how to get your new hire started. Often your remote assistant can guide you through much of this process. Key elements typically include:

  • Enabling access to your software and systems
  • Connecting with stakeholders
  • Acclimating to key processes and how things get done
  • Setting a cadence for meetings or check-ins
  • Sharing any project (s) or goal (s) to start on

On average it takes us three weeks to find the right match for you. We know that once you need to hire, everyday can be a painful and costly wait, but as most people know, the cost of hiring the wrong person is vastly greater. Sometimes we have the right match for you within our community, particularly as our community of professionals grows.

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