What the Top 1% of CEOs Know That You Don’t:
How a Small Handful of CEOs are
Generating $118 million+

(while simplifying their lives along the way!)

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Apr, 24 2018

05:00am EST

You’re going to discover...

  • The 6 root causes behind the 198 symptoms that prevent your company from breaking through the ceiling
  • Tools to strengthen your business at the root level and get everyone rowing in the same direction
  • How to change the focus of everyone in your company for a quantum leap in productivity with 1 simple tool
  • How to implement the system that’s created breakthrough growth for 5,000+ companies
  • AND how to have more fun while driving greater profitability!

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Josh Klenoff

Josh Klenoff is the founder and CEO of Helm. He’s helped CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs around the world scale their businesses, multiply their income and bring accountability and discipline to everyone in their companies.

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"Learn from the frustrations of other entrepreneurs, or you are doomed to relive their pain. Put your entrepreneurial operating system in place”


"The model is appealing partly because of its simplicity. It focuses on six key components — vision, people, data, issues, process and traction — that companies need to manage and strengthen themselves to be great.”

Star Tribune

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