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These 20 minutes will completely change the growth trajectory of your business. We’ll be discussing the classic mistakes and traps business owners fall into that keep you stuck in the weeds and stagnate the growth of your company.

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Before you go any further, let's make sure you are at a point where this information will be beneficial.

The key to business growth and your freedom from the day-to-day is called "The System"

Management tools, strategies, and disciplines that unleash the power of your business while simultaneously decreasing your involvement in the daily operations.

The System WebClass

Hosted by Josh Klenoff – Founder of Helm

Stop feeling stuck.
Stop living in the weeds.
Let's scale your business.

This Webclass is 100% FREE right now!

Let me introduce you to the 5P's


Set goals and provide tools for driving the top priorities within your company. Make sure everyone is focused and headed in the right direction.


Get the right people in the right roles. Hire, fire, and coach in a way that filters out bad apples and attracts and retains the right people.


Create a guide to improve processes and more importantly, increase adherence to processes and procedures throughout the organization.


Stop spinning your wheels and change the way you manage from temporary band aid fixes to enduring solutions that solve the root cause.


Uncover limiting or negative beliefs within your organization that are holding you back and then install a new mindset going forward.

If you want your business to scale past "You", The System is the answer you've been looking for.

FACT: 96% of companies that implement The System see a lift in value to their companies of $1M+ within 60 days.

This Webclass is 100% FREE right now!

About your host


Josh Klenoff is the founder of Helm, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping CEO’s and business owners implement a small/mid-size business management operating system that frees them from the day-to-day and allows them to exponentially scale their business.

He has been working with business owners one-on-one for over ten years, and understands the frustration that comes with feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of firefighting and spinning your wheels.

The System is a set of management tools and disciplines that streamlines your business operations and gives you the freedom to FINALLY start doing what you want to do… like innovating, igniting new relationships, evangelizing your brand, and living at a high level instead of living in the weeds


The WebClass is 100% FREE NOW

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