Weekly Roundtable

Set up the recurring 90-minute Weekly Roundtable for the same day and same time each week.

Choose 1 person to run the Weekly Roundtable.

Choose 1 person to administratively support the Weekly Roundtable (take notes, etc).

Go to your Miro board and look for The Weekly Roundtable template to run your meeting.

Apply the discipline: Surface and Root!

Root out the challenges

Priorities – These are your most important goals. You can’t do everything. As the saying goes, when you focus on everything, you focus on nothing.

The root of your challenge could be Priorities if…

People – We want to avoid hiring the wrong people? It’s not that they’re bad people. But when they don’t fit your company, it can wreak havoc. With current team members, we want to cultivate more of the qualities we seek.
We also want to focus on assigning a clear “owner” to each role.

The root of your challenge could be People if…

Process – Process is one place companies tend not to give nearly enough attention to… everyone is involved in some processes of your company, so anyone can be innovating just by improving your process.  Processes describe how things are done and provide focus, consistency and understanding for making them better. 

The root of your challenge could be Process if…

Problems – We avoid time waste and low stakes problem-solving when people are candid. By investing more thought and critical thinking into our problem solving, we can avoid merely putting a bandaid over our problems. Instead, we can get to the root. 

The root of your challenge could be Problems if…

Paradigm – Each of us has limiting beliefs. But as companies, we also have certain beliefs that hold us back. An example of one such paradigm is “avoid problems.” Problems are bad, right? That would explain why we just try to make problems go away… why we’re in perpetual firefighting mode. A different paradigm would be “Hunt for problems.” The biggest best we can find and solve them at the root. 

We benefit from discovering the beliefs that limit us and replacing them with more effective beliefs.

The root of your challenge could be Paradigm if…

Once you get to the root, remember to define the next step!


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