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Everyone focused on the right thing

Get onto the same page by adopting:

Once you have this, you’ll all be playing from the same playbook!


Strengthening your bench of leaders & managers

What got you here won’t get you there. Change is necessary. Yet change is arguably the hardest thing for adults to accomplish. With clear guidance at every step, we help you and your team through the three parts of change: initiating it, staying on course and making it stick!

Accountability & Execution throughout

As you grow, you can’t force results any more than a farmer can force food out of the ground. A farmer cultivates the conditions where food will grow - planting, fertilizing, irrigating and so on. Just the same, you will discover The 5 Disciplines to cultivate for your company to grow.

Better attract & retain the right people

Believe it or not, this starts with getting crystal clear on what really frustrates you. We’ll guide you on how to easily discern who fits from who doesn’t. We’ll further guide you on navigating key decisions to protect your culture, and building a “coaching culture” that develops the right habits.

around clear

When people latch onto a powerful vision, they let go of their differences in personality, style and short-term interests. We’ll help your team, and ultimately everyone in your company, discover the priorities to ignite you on the path ahead.

Who's right for The System?

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"Thanks to The System, I was able to step out of the day to day operation of my 4 restaurants. The Core Tools taught me and my team the value of letting go, delegating and ultimately doing key visionary work needed for our expansion. With incredible guidance and support, I was freed up to begin expanding Down the Street Eats to the next level."
Tim Hubbard
CEO, Down the Street Eats
"With The System I was able to grow my company tremendously. After this system helped my 1st company, I brought it to my 2nd company, an innovative Blockchain company, that is working on a Food Supply Chain venture. It has had an exceptional impact on bringing a tight-knit culture to overseas teams and helping us scale up."
Pramod Sajja
Pramod Sajja CEO., Paramount Software
"The coaching my team received from Helm enabled our office to earn high compliments from our parent company. I attribute this to the tools and the disciplines, processes, and frameworks of Helm’s System. Personally, I’ve enjoyed being able to do more of the activities that suit my unique ability and let go of a lot of thinks that aren’t necessary for me to do anymore."
Leo Cullen
CEO, Kyowa Hakko
"The System helped me bring a common set of disciplines across our multi-national company. Through very well-structured meetings and exercises, we created shared priorities and processes and were able to get to the root of problems, enabling a stronger quality standard. Overall, work became more fun for me and everyone else."
Mark Berger
CEO, Securitech
"We learned how to make sure that we brought the right people into our organization. We became a much more functional team, which was made possible with the tools, processes, and coaching that The System provided to us"
Dan Lifton
CEO, Quality of Life Labs
"Josh's leadership and system enabled our team to harmonize priorities, execute strongly, marshal limited resources, and identify gaps in our strength. I believe this system for building organizational health can help any team boost morale not only of the leadership team but of the entire organization."
Stephen M. Coan
CEO, Mystic Aquarium


$ 14,999
  • 2-hour monthly coaching session with your leadership team and our Master Implementor dedicated to your team
  • Full access for everyone in your company to all video modules on our training platform
  • CEO Facebook community (for CEO and 1 other team member only)
  • Access to monthly 1-hour CEO Mastermind (for CEO only)
  • Access to The CEO Summit, a live Annual In-Person 2-day event.
  • Personal Introductions across our extended CEO network

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