Want to get everyone moving in the same direction with accountability so you can do more of what you want?

re-discover freedom

You’re the head of your company, but you're stuck running the day-to-day operation…

You’d love to let go, but who will take care of the business?

Your team is firefighting. Inevitably, their solutions are patches that just keep you stuck in place.

We know how frustrating that is.

Consider an alternative…

Your team commits to one system. The wrong people leave. The right people arrive.

All align around a single vision. All follow one set of processes.

Each is immersed in big goals. Each is absorbed by the right KPIs.

All are open and honest, putting their biggest challenges on the table…

Then, solving them at the root level so they go away for good.

You’d love to let go of the day-to-day operation…

But who will take care of the business?

They will.

Welcome to freedom.

Welcome to Helm.

Josh Klenoff, Founder


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